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This is a refreshing simple drink for every occasion.
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Espresso Martini

A powerhouse of sustainability by reusing spent coffee grounds
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Discarded Cascara Negroni with Vermouth Bottle

Cascara Negroni

A complex and special zero waste cocktail
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When a coffee producer extracts the bean from the coffee berry, they discard what’s left, the fruit. The fruit is called cascara, it’s deep-red in colour, rich and fruity in flavour. The base of our vermouth is a fortified wine, previously used to impart flavour into casks in preparation for the final stages of malt whisky maturation. After use, this wine spirit is often sold on or even disposed of.

The fortified wine base is blended together with the cascara extract for sweetness, and then wormwood extract for bitterness which come together to complete our sweet cascara vermouth


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Discarded Vermouth

£19 RRP - 50cl bottle

21% ABV

A sweet vermouth infused with cascara, the discarded fruit of the coffee berry. After use, this wine spirit is often sold on or even disposed of... but instead, we have turned this waste product into a delicious and complex vermouth.

Frequently asked questions

How to drink sweet vermouth? / What to mix with sweet vermouth? 

Discarded Sweet Cascara Zero Waste Vermouth is best enjoyed neat, served long with tonic, or in any vermouth cocktail. We love a Cascara Negroni!

Can you drink sweet vermouth straight?

Yes, its is wonderful neat or on the rocks. The Cherry forward notes of the cascara really work with the sherry base of the vermouth.

Where can you buy Cascara Vermouth?

Buy Discarded Cascara Vermouth on Clink*.

Is Cascara Vermouth gluten free?


Is Discarded Vermouth vegan-friendly?


Is Discarded Vermouth vegetarian-friendly?


What are Discarded Vermouth's nutritional values?

Sugar Content (per 100ml) Varies by batch
Energy (per 110ml)

Typically 219 - 258 Kcal

Typically 922-1084 Kj

Final Product ABV  21%
Total Carbohydrate: Of which sugars:  Typically 25.6 - 35.6g
Protein 0g
Fibre 0g
Salt 0g
Total Fat: Of which sugars: 0g

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